Not “Picky” Enough: An Unfortunate Acupuncture Tale

Another news story that falls into the category of “Whaaaat!!!” appeared this week. A man in Illinois is being sought by police because he pretended to be a “doctor”, conducted an exam on the man, stuck toothpicks in his chest, told the patient to take pills called “Prosperous Farmer Dietary Supplements” (though the expiration date on the bottle was February 2002) and charged $200.

I am giving this disturbing story additional play because it reminds all of us to adhere to the basic rules of health care:

1. Use experienced practitioners
2. Check their credentials and consider “googling” them
3. Ask friends for referrals
4. If you are uncomfortable with any procedure, say “no”.
5. If you are not being treated with respect, leave.

Final note ~ toothpicks are great for hors d’oeuvres, not treatment!

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