My Thoughts on The New Year and Being a “Thelmette”

When I was little, my family used to visit Grandma Chickie and Poppa Jack in North Bergen, New Jersey. For me, it was heaven. My grandmother served my favorite foods (during one visit I gained 7 pounds) and Uncle Benny made houses out of playing cards with me.

To make it even sweeter, my great Aunt Thelma lived upstairs and would lure me to her home with the promise that I could look through the “Jewelry Drawer” The jewelry drawer was a magical place filled with her cast off bits and pieces of glittery costume rings, necklaces and pins. I could handle each one, examine the shiny stones in the necklaces, try on the rings that slipped off my fingers, marvel at the designs, and, as if examining treasure wasn’t enough, Aunt Thelma always had a present for me to keep. The truth is, they spoiled me rotton and I loved every moment!

Aunt Thelma recently celebrated her 90th birthday and my mother, sister and I flew down to Florida to join her and become the back-up dancers for her daughter’s specially written birthday song. We happily took on the group name, “The Thelmettes.” Perhaps I’ll post a photo, but seeing as we didn’t come close to a coordinated performance, perhaps not.

It’s fun to remember the exotic landscape of the Jewelry Drawer, and the anticipation I always had about what treasure I could take away. I am grateful to have been able to create more memories this year. Last year I said it was “The year to make things happen.” Well, I feel a lot has happened this past year, all over the world.

As the beginning of a brand new year approaches, when the world feels like a very shaky place, I share with you a determination to continue my career

as a “Thelmette” : )

to create more good memories based on kindness, compassion, and lots of fun!

I Wish Everyone a Very Happy and Healthy New Year!

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