My Holiday Gift: Another Great Book Review

To my great pleasure, Lonny Jarrett who is an accomplished teacher, practioner and author in the field of Chinese Medicine, wrote a glowing review for my book ‘Adventures in Chinese Medicine‘. Here it is:

“I want to congratulate Jennifer Dubowsky on her new book, “Adventures in Chinese Medicine.” Jennifer’s good nature comes through in every word as well as the overall humor and care in the design. A perfect waiting room read, definitely the book I’d have wanted to read to my kids when they were young, and ideal for people who would like an easy introduction to the broad concepts of the medicine and the practicalities of receiving treatment.”

Thank you, Lonny, for your kind words. I greatly appreciate your review and your understanding of exactly the type of book I wanted to create.

Lonny’s review reminded me that Adventures in Chinese Medicine will make a terrific gift! If you (or Santa) have anyone on your list who is interested in Chinese Medicine and would enjoy a friendly, accessible book filled with information and tips for healthy living, please check out my book which is available in paperback and on kindle.

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