More Praise For Acupuncture From Shape Magazine

Shape magazine recently published the article “Why Every Busy Woman Should Try Acupuncture”. It was written by a woman who tried acupuncture for the first time because she was ‘curious’ (and probably because she wanted something to write about). What did she gain? She found acupuncture provided her relief from anxiety, TMJ, various aches and she insists that acupuncture kept her healthy all year. Also, her attitude about wellness underwent changes and that’s nice to read. The story lists three good reasons why women on the go should give acupuncture a try. What are they? According to the author ->

1) Prevention – Use it to stay healthy not only when problems arise.
2) Stress Relief and to offset the effects of aging.
3) “Acupuncture can help you understand your body and mind better.”

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