Is Kate Middleton Using Acupuncture To Get Pregnant?

I’m feeling left out of the royal scandals. It’s my turn to start a rumor. Everyone gets to gossip and talk trash so here is my contribution – Kate Middleton is using acupuncture to get pregnant. Is she? Probably not but, if she wants to have that royal baby while enduring all the stress of being looked at constantly and having her photos scrutinized for a little tummy bump, she ought to give it a try.

But, you say, she is young and healthy. Isn’t acupuncture for women who are having trouble conceiving? No. Acupuncture is a wonderful way to get ready for pregnancy; it can help cut down on morning sickness, regulate your cycle and help you to conceive more quickly.

It would be great if Duchess Catherine would try acupuncture. Every dress she wears sells out; her jewelry is copied, her hair is admired. If she announced that she used acupuncture or showed up with cupping marks, Traditional Chinese Medicine would get a gold medal.

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