Insurance CEO Turns To Acupuncture

insurance ceo turns to acupuncture Insurance CEO Turns To Acupuncture acupuncture model 360x480

Did you know that Aetna’s Chairman & CEO, Mark Bertolini, is a fan of acupuncture? That’s right! After a terrible ski accident, in which he broke his neck and spent a year taking numerous painkillers, the CEO of this huge insurance company turned to a more holistic treatment plan. He used a combination of yoga, acupuncture, naturopathy and crainiosacral therapy to help get his pain under control. In this interview with CNBC he talks about how he now lives a relatively pain free life without drugs. He is also applying yoga and other mindfulness techniques to reduce stress in the workplace at Aetna. I hope he will starting adding Chinese Medicine into the mix and that Aetna as well as other major insurance companies will begin to provide better acupuncture coverage for their members.

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