Information About Organically Raised Meat

Yesterday I wrote a post about when to consider buying organic fruits and vegetables. I wanted to follow that today with some information about organic meat. Organically grown meat is considerably higher in price than conventionally grown meat so here are some facts that may help you to make your decision about when to buy organic.

Organically raised animals have several factors that work in their best interests – and ours.

1. These animals are free from antibiotics and growth hormones. When antibiotics are used in raising the animals, we create strains of bacteria that are antibiotic resistant. This means that when humans get sick from one of these strains, they will be less responsive to antibiotic treatment.

2. The animals are not fed food made from animal byproducts which means that the risk of mad cow disease is reduced.

3. The animals have more space and mobility which helps to keep them healthy. Crowded conditions increase the likelihood of illness in animals.

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