Huma Abdeen: Revelations From A Chinese Face Reading

Earlier this week, I analyzed the face of Anthony Weiner using Chinese Face reading principles. Today, I’m turning my face reading lens on his wife, Huma Abdeen. I’ll bet that every time another story about Wiener appears, thousands of people wonder, ‘Why is this woman sticking with this guy’??? We are going to see if her face provides any answers to that question.

To begin, one thing I find interesting is that her features are far more balanced than those of her husband. Even features indicate a pretty even nature whereas a prominent feature or features often reveal a strong aspect of personality or health. As I mentioned in my post on Anthony Weiner, his face is very telling with a protruding nose and chin. Huma’s face is lovely and less obviously revealing than her husband’s. But that is already a clue. Anthony Weiner has spilled his mess all over the place and Huma has maintained a lot of reserve. She has not let people see whatever she is feeling. She is carefully measured in her statements.

There are two particular features about her face that strike me. These are her lips and eyes. Her lips are large and she has a full upper lip which is an indication of a giving nature. Her eyes are open and round; these are signs of an open and sociable person. In contrast, her husband’s eyes are much smaller and deeper, showing the opposite, someone who holds back and has difficulty trusting.

She also has great teeth (even a little large) and a deep philtrum (the divet under her nose) which are both signs of strong Kidney qi. This is a positive sign for fertility and a sign that Anthony may not be the only Weiner with a high sex drive.

If it is true that opposites attract, we certainly have some distinctly different facial characteristics in this couple that help to explain why they stay together.

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