Hey Honey

When bees feast on flowers, the process of making honey begins. The flower nectar mixes with enzymes in the bees’ saliva and turns it into honey. Then, the bees carry the honey back to the hive where they deposit it into the cells of the hive’s walls. 

Honey has many health benefits, especially if it is raw. Raw honey can be used topically and is anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal.  Honey contains anti-oxidants (the darker the honey, the higher anti-oxidant content). As far back as Cleopatra, honey was used directly on skin to help sooth skin, clear skin disorders and encourage the growth of healthy tissue. You might enjoy trying raw honey as a face mask.

In Chinese Medicine, honey is known as Feng Mi and is often used in combination with other herbs. Honey is sweet and moderate in nature. Honey is beneficial to ease a sore throat, cough or bronchitis.

When choosing honey, organic raw honey that has not been pasteurized, clarified or filtered is your best choice. Remember that the darker the color, the deeper the flavor and in TCM, the darker honey is also better for nourishing blood because it has a warming action.

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