Heart to Heart

Valentine’s Day bombards us with movies, TV specials and a landslide of things to buy to show our ‘love’.  The flowers sellers and candy manufacturers  are working around the clock.

Don’t get me wrong; jewelry is great. I’m a fan!!! I also think that flowers and candy, especially chocolate, brighten the day, but let’s think for a moment about how to create a lasting sense of well-being (hmmmm, jewelry does last and candy lasts on my hips). Seriously, there are ways to increase the general level of happiness and satisfaction with our lives. 

Be Grateful

“Grateful people report higher levels of positive emotions, life satisfaction, vitality, optimism and lower levels of depression and stress. The disposition toward gratitude appears to enhance pleasant feeling states more than it diminishes unpleasant emotions. Grateful people do not deny or ignore the negative aspects of life.” – Robert A. Emmons and Michael E. McCullough

Being grateful does not ignore trouble or true suffering. However, it does remind us of all the important, good things and people in our life and that increases feeling good

How To Increase Happiness

Choose friends who are joyous people.  See them frequently and you will find your spirits rise. The older I get,  the more I make it a priority  to spend my time with people who give me joy. If you have any constantly unhappy people in your life, limit the amount of time you spend with them. Try it; you’ll perk up !

People with strong, extensive, happy social connections tend to be the happiest people, probably because they are reminded that we are all in this together. The sense of belonging is important, as is that reminder that we are one little piece of humanity.

“A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.” Walter Winchell

So, for this Valentine’s Day, I hope that you are enveloped by good friends, cheerful people, grateful remembrances, and the freedom to choose.  And, let’s get real – some milk chocolate, a dozen roses and a little something from Tiffany.

“Love doesn’t make the world go round, love is what makes the ride worthwhile.”  Elizabeth Barrett Browning 

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  1. I am very grateful for you! Thanks for your friendship and for always sharing wonderful information. Happy Valentine's Day 🙂

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