In Honor of Thanksgiving: 4 Health Benefits of Cranberries

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you have much to be thankful for, I know I do.

Cranberries are a staple of many traditional Thanksgiving feasts. For as long as I can remember, we have had a terrific cranberry bread (made by my mother) that is always my favorite.

This post should convince you to indulge in cranberries year round because they have  enormous health benefits.

I updated this post with a video, check it out at the end.

 4 Health Benefits of Cranberries

1. Protection against Urinary Tract Infections
The Cranberry is well known for it’s ability to help prevent UTIs, especially if the infections are recurrent. How does cranberry juice help prevent urinary tract infections? It contains a significant amount of proanthocyanidins (condensed tannins that are powerful antioxidants), which helps reduce the adhesion of  E. coli, responsible for the majority of UTIs, to the urinary tract walls. This process helps to fight off infections.

*Chinese herbal medicine is also very helpful in treating and preventing reoccurring urinary tract infections

2. Cranberry juice ranks among the highest in disease fighting antioxidants, outranking nearly every other fruit and vegetable!

3. Cranberries are low calorie, contain vitamin C and fiber.

4. Cranberries Fight Heart Disease
Cranberries benefit the heart in many ways. They lower bad cholesterol levels. Prevent plaque from forming on the arterial walls, a problem that can lead to atherosclerosis, (hardening of the arteries). In this way, cranberries can reduce your chance of heart disease and stroke.
Cranberries can be frozen and used later when they are out of season and hard to find, so buy some extra when you do your Thanksgiving shopping or afterward when store put the berries on sale.

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