Forms Of Ginseng And Where To Find Them

Last week, I described the three different varieties of ginseng. Today, I want to explain the available forms of ginseng and where to find them.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, ginseng is usually used in a formula with other Chinese herbs, rather than alone. A skilled Chinese herbalist can recommend the right formula or type of ginseng for you. Ginseng also can be used alone as a tonic. Alone, ginseng can be found raw, in capsules, and tinctures. Raw, unpeeled ginseng can be found at many Asian markets. Dried and peeled ginseng is available in powdered capsules or granules. The capsules and tinctures are easily found in Asian markets and in many health food stores. When you take ginseng, be sure to use standardized products that contain at least 1.5% ginsenosides. If you can’t consult a herbalist, you can find general guidelines on what type of ginseng might be right for you by reading my previous post All About Ginseng. Please note the cautions and contraindications when you take ginseng or any other supplement.


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