Excerpt From Adventures in Chinese Medicine – A Fellow Acupuncturist Shares Her Tui Na Experience

I have benefited from tui na and consider it a valuable tool. However I am not a gifted tui na practitioner so I refer to others if a condition requires tui na or if patient is interested in trying this type of massage. With that in mind, I am including the experience of Diane Lowry, L.A.c., who is an accomplished tui na therapist in Richmond, Virginia. I have included a photo of Diane performing tui na.

 “In my practice, I use Tui na as both a diagnostic tool and as a treatment method. Direct contact along the channels and at specific acupuncture points provides insight into the nature of the patient’s condition – whether their underlying pattern is excess or deficient, how their body responds to light versus firm pressure, and how easily their body releases stress and

     Sharing tui na has been a fantastic way for me to connect more deeply with my patients. As I follow each breath cycle and focus my attention on subtle changes in his or her body, I must be fully present and aware. This mindfulness of the present moment, coupled with setting my intention for their highest good, has had been lovely way of healing both the patient and myself.”

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