Chinese New Year: The Year Of The Earth Pig

Communities around the world are gearing up for the Chinese New Year. February 5th welcomes the Year of the Earth Pig and celebrations last until February 19th as families gather, exchange gifts, and eat special foods.

Over Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong, people will be treated to a 10 million dollar extravagant pyrotechnic display- all to herald the Year of the Pig.

In this article, I cover simple, tasty foods and traditions which promise to bring good luck for the new year. Find out if you or a loved one is a Pig and common traits of those born under the sign of the Pig.

Our office decorations for the Chinese New Year

2 tips to bring good luck for the year ahead.

1. Clean your home with the intention of removing clutter from the past year. Rid yourself of old ghosts, outdated clothes and restrictive ideas. Make room for this year’s good luck.

2. Have some fun with the color red; it is the color of luck in China. Decorate your home and office with red candles, lanterns and flowers. Paint your nails red!

Eat your way into a lucky New Year

*The luckiest food to consume at the new year is a whole fish. According to Chinese tradition, you must include the head and tail to insure a good beginning, middle and end to the year.

*Eat long noodles to assure a long life – but you must consume them during the first five days of the New Year.

*Eat, serve and display Mandarin Oranges. Oranges are believed to bring good luck and money in the upcoming year. The shape, color and brightness are like little suns and they symbolize abundance and happiness.

The Chinese word for mandarin—kam—is similar to the word for “gold.” So, having mandarin oranges in your home at New Year brings riches to your life.

*Don’t forget the sweets. Tradition declares that serving and eating sweets at the new year bring sweetness to the days ahead.

Are you a Pig?

People born in the years 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971,1983, 1995, 2007, 2019 fall under the Year of the Pig. If you were born in January or February, be sure to check when the Chinese new year began as you might not make the cut.

Pigs are considered to have honest peaceful natures and prefer to avoid conflicts. They are optimistic, creative and fun-loving. Pigs are commonly successful in business, have an active social life and make great friends. However they can be too trusting and naïve at times.

Every sign in the Chinese horoscope is also attached to an element. Pigs born with the Earth element have a sincere kindness and are more likely to be grounded and practical. “Down to Earth”.

Famous Pigs

Thomas Jefferson
Ernest Hemingway
Ronald Reagan
Elon MuskJustin Trudeau
Oliver Cromwell
Stephen King
Julie Andrews
Tupac Shakur
Hillary Clinton
Sir Elton John
Arnold Schwarzenegger
David Letterman
Camilla Parker Bowles
Snoop Dogg

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