Chinese Medicine Has Solutions For Insomnia

No matter what complaint a patient presents to me, I listen for information about the two things that are vital to making anyone feel better. They are good sleep and regular bowel movements. This post, by Julie Lee, the founder of Unique Acupuncture, in Oregon, focuses on how to improve your sleep. We’ll save “being regular” for another day. : )

~ One research study from the University of Chicago found that when mice are deprived of sleep, they live only 17 days. This demonstrates the power of sleep – or lack thereof.

According to Chinese Medicine, when you sleep, your blood is governed and restored by the liver. This pertains to seeing, listening, speaking, and general activity in our life. If you have less blood in your body, you have rough skin, blurry vision, ringing in the ears, and loss of hair. It also greatly affects woman’s health, such as irregular periods, painful menstruation, infertility and obesity. It is best to get at least 6 hours a day. However, more important than counting sleep hours is how deeply you sleep and wake refreshed in the morning. If you are prone to insomnia, avoid coffee, soda or consuming any other caffeinated product at night. ~ Boiled squash is good for insomnia because it is warming and improves qi energy circulation. It helps you to fall asleep easily and awake refreshed. If you do not like boiled squash, you can mix squash with honey to make honey squash. Squash’s sweet flavor influences the spleen-pancreas and stomach and reduces inflammation. When you boil 300g of squash, put together with 150g of roasted Suan Zao Ren (Ziziphi Spinosae Sm). After you cook it, making mash them together and take 1 cup three or four times a day. Suan Zao Ren nourishes the Heart and calms the spirit, so it helps to quiet the nerves; you roast and brew of Suan Zao Ren to drink a tea. I also recommend the walnut for insomnia. It has a sweet flavor and nourishes the kidneys, adrenals, and brain. For men, it also enriches sperm. An easy way to eat walnuts is to put roasted walnut powder in your tea and drink after each meal. But, avoid taking walnuts in cases of loose stools and heat signs. ~
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