Check Out My Amazing Mom’s New Website and Blog !

One of my favorite guest writers on this blog is my mother, who is also a psychologist. I am happy to announce that she has finally joined me in this brave new world called the internet. Here is her new website and blog, way to go mom ! 

Linda N. Edelstein, Ph.D.

I am a clinical psychologist who has devoted more than thirty years to working with individuals and couples. I am an expert in treating problems associated with adult transitions and the resulting emotional upheavals. Most people can benefit from therapy during some period of their lives. I can help you to understand your feelings, change your behaviors, develop your strengths and create a life that belongs uniquely to you. Please take a moment to look around this site and learn more about my practice. Change is always possible – it just isn’t easy to accomplish alone. If you have questions, please contact me by phone at 847-328-7878,or Send me a message.

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