Can Something In Dirt Kill Cancer Tumors??

I am always interested in treatments that are natural because the side effects and other complicating factors can be lower than using conventional drugs. This story seems a bit far out right now but I’m posting it because, if the line of research works out, we will see some wonderful results with cancerous tumors. Here’s an excerpt ~

“Researcher Aleksandra Kubiak just presented the startling discovery at the Society for General Microbiology’s Autumn Conference currently underway at the University of York in the UK. She and other members of a research team from the University of Nottingham and the University of Maastricht have found that a strain of harmless bacteria that is widespread in soil is actually deadly — not to people but to cancerous tumors.

The researchers have developed a therapy using Clostridium sporogenes, a bacterium common in dirt. They found that when spores of the bacteria are injected into cancer patients, they only grow in solid tumors. Inside the cancerous growth, the bacteria produce a specific enzyme that activates a cancer drug. The results? Unlike current chemotherapy, the natural bacteria treatment causes only the cancer cells to be destroyed while healthy cells are left unharmed.”

To read a report of the study, click here.

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