Breast Cancer Patients At Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Are Receiving The Benefits Of Acupuncture

Earlier this month ABC 7 did a story on  Sloan Kettering Cancer Center where they have been using acupuncture to reduce complications for breast cancer patients.  The story followed Diane Miller, her doctors had to remove lymph nodes in her armpit and as a result of her breast surgery she has experienced fluid buildup in her arm. Diane has been receiving regular acupuncture treatments and found it helpful in relieving her symptoms. In the story two Doctors at the cancer center talked about their pilot study and agree that acupuncture maybe a beneficial treatment for cancer patients.

 ~ “We’re using acupuncture to encourage her body to a better water metabolism and open up a different pathway for the redistribution of the fluid in her body,” said Dr. Yi Hung Chan, DPM of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.
Dr. Barrie Cassileth of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center stated “We found that in half the patients there was a thirty percent reduction in the affected arm,” ~

*Check out the story about acupuncture for breast cancer patients.

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