4 Tips To Boost Your Kidney Qi For Valentine’s Day!

4 tips to boost your kidney qi for valentine's day! 4 Tips To Boost Your Kidney Qi For Valentine’s Day! dreamstimefree 1098223 1024x1024


Valentine’s Day is here! I’ll bet you didn’t know that the Chinese Medicine secret to a good love life is having strong Kidney Qi. In Western medicine, the Kidneys are only seen as mechanical organs that perform the important functions of removing waste products and regulating fluid levels in the body. Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that the Kidneys are a vital source of energy or Qi for the body. This is especially true for reproductive health. Kidney tonics are a common herbal recommendation to enhance libido and sexual performance.

Having plentiful Kidney Qi also enables us to age gracefully; it prevents illness and helps maintain the health of our teeth, bones and hair. Sounds like the fountain of youth, doesn’t it? So, in addition to herbal formulas or tonics, what can you do to boost your Kidney Qi?

Here are 4 easy tips:

 1. Get good sleep regularly – Your body repairs itself best at night, so allow plenty of time for it to do so.

2. Stay hydrated – The Kidneys are associated with the Water element. Drink plenty of water but eliminate the ice. For years,  I have been doing this, strongly advise my patients to do the same, and have successfully converted my family members to ice-free drinks. In traditional Chinese Medicine, the constant use of ice in drinks is a harmful custom because bodies need the internal heat to absorb the nutrients. Ice, when ingested, constricts blood vessels and hinders the digestive process.

3. Eat Kidney friendly foods – Goji berries, Raspberries, Cherries. Green onions, Black beans, Sweet potato, herbs such as: Basil, Fennel, Garlic, and Ginger; Shrimp, Lamb, and Walnuts.

4. Show yourself or your loved one some appreciation with an acupuncture treatment – Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs are wonderful for strengthening your Kidney Qi.

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  1. Gotta love those kidneys! Oh yeah, and don't forget – kidney time according to the horary clock is between 5 – 7pm. This is a great time for communication and romance! This means it is the perfect time of the day to meet and have dinner with your special someone!

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  3. Interesting article, I never would have guessed the kidneys held such power over this area of our lives.

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