Baseball Players Use Acupuncture Too!

Here in Chicago, we are all hoping the Cubs will win the World Series. Therefore I thought a post about baseball players who have successfully used acupuncture was quite timely.

Who are some of the brilliant players who know that acupuncture is a fantastic addition to training as well as injury recovery??? Find out here.

Jason Giambi – Was the oldest player in Major League Baseball until he retired last year, after a career spanning 20 years. He began using acupuncture near the end of his career while playing for the Cleveland Indians. At the time he said he was looking for anything to help him keep up.

“I’m older and traveling a lot and not sleeping so much,” he says. “We got on this routine of doing acupuncture…and it’s really made a huge difference for me.”

A.J. Burnett –  Who currently plays for the Pittsburgh Pirates, wouldn’t sign with the New York Yankees until they agreed to hire a team acupuncturist! I wonder if he made the same deal with the Pirates?

Yu Darvish – The Texas Ranger’s pitcher used acupuncture to help get him back in the game. He was treated for neck pain and stiffness.

Randy JohnsonThe former San Francisco Giants pitcher received acupuncture from the team acupuncturist, Haro Ogawa, MSOM, LAc,. In 2009 Ogawa gave an interview to Acupuncture Today (8/09, V10 #8) and it is a good read.

In the article David Groeschner, head athletic trainer for the Giants, told Acupuncture Today that Ogawa’s work with the players has been great. “The players love him and love the treatments. In our game, we are out there every day, so the players get sore and banged up. They definitely get back into the game more quickly because of his work.”

Hey Cubs Good Luck! AND if you need a team acupuncturist I’m available!

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  1. There is no one person that could be stereotyped as perfect for acupuncture – this post illustrates just that! Thank you for sharing so all baseball players know!

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  2. I really enjoyed this article. Anything with professional sports, people take seriously!! Go Cubs!

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