Anthony Weiner’s Face is Made For Chinese Face Reading!

I’ve gotten a lot of requests for another Chinese face reading post so, here it is. With Anthony Weiner making headlines again, his face is too good to pass up. As I have explained in previous posts, Chinese Physiognomy, more commonly known as Face Reading, has a 3,000 year old history and can be used by practitioners of Chinese Medicine to help diagnose their patients’ imbalances. That’s the serious purpose –  today, I’m going to apply the technique to Anthony Weiner for fun!

Let’s start with his most obvious feature, his nose. The nose represents Weiner’s ego and it would be difficult to dispute the oversized nose or ego. A large nose is also the sign of someone who likes to be in control; a person who often prefers working for himself; and someone who enjoys public recognition. Certainly, we know one of those (public – not pubic – recognition) traits is true, maybe more.

Moving down from the nose, let’s look at Weiner’s chin. He has a prominent chin showing his desire for material things as well as power.

A bad sign (no, not more s/texting) for the beleaguered Mayoral candidate is the size of his earlobes – they are small. Have you ever noticed how statues of Buddha always have big, thick earlobes? That is because larger earlobes, or earlobes that droop, indicate the potential for a longer life. Smaller earlobes indicate the opposite.

Two other features stand out to me. These are his eyebrows and his hairline. His eyebrows are small and do not extend along the full length of his brow bone. This is a sign of someone ruled more by emotion than rational thought. And, his hairline is that of someone very determined, who does not give up. This makes me think he’ll stay in the race till the bitter end.

I’m giving you the face reading facts. You can decide what you believe to be fitting of Anthony Weiner’s personality. Stay tuned because later this week I will be posting a Chinese face reading analysis of his wife Huma.

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