Acupuncture Petition Reaches Its Goal

acupuncture petition reaches its goal Acupuncture Petition Reaches Its Goal dreamstimefree 9740832 1024x1023

We made it !!!  I want to thank everyone who signed the government petition that asks for acupuncturists to be recognized as health care providers under the Social Security Act. The Social Security Act recognizes many other health care professionals such as dietitians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurse midwives, and clinical social workers. More than 26,000 signatures were collected. I hope this will influence the powers-that-be. If we are included legally as health care providers, it increases the likelihood that Medicare and your insurance will cover your treatments, you will have easier access to acupuncture, and we will all benefit from better wellness care. The first step has been fittingly accomplished in the first days of the Chinese New Year.

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