Acupuncture Is Gaining Acceptance Among Doctors and Patients

MSN has recently written an even-handed story about acupuncture.  They describe  its usefulness and its increasing acceptance among patients. While there continues to be plenty of positive research about acupuncture some remaining reluctance in the Western medicine community is noted. Here is a small excerpt…

Acupuncture is gaining new traction—and respect—in hospitals and doctors’ offices as evidence of its curative power piles up. Here, why it works—and what conditions it’s best for.

~”More people in the medical community are embracing acupuncture because they see it works—often in cases where conventional medicine hasn’t been as effective,” says Geovanni Espinosa, ND, the director of the Integrative Urology Center at NYU Langone Medical Center. An estimated 1,500 US physicians are now trained in acupuncture. And some hospitals even have acupuncturists on staff, who tote their needle kits into cancer and orthopedic wards.

What’s behind this wave of acceptance is more than treatment trendiness. As reports of acupuncture’s potency accumulate, researchers have discovered more evidence about how the technique functions—and the conditions for which it’s most effective. ~

To read the full article click here.

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