Acupuncture Can Help You Beat The Flu

We are all trying to stay healthy this winter, I certainly am! In my Chicago office I have many patients who come in complaining of colds and flus this time of year. Personally I take Jade Screen everyday to ward off getting sick. Below is a article from acufinder.com that provides natural options for fighting off the flu.

By: Diane Joswick, L.Ac., MSOM

Did you know that Tamiflu, a drug used to treat flu symptoms, is derived from Star Anise, an anti-viral plant that has been used by Oriental medicine herbalists for centuries?

When it comes to staying healthy during the flu season, Chinese medicine has a lot to offer.

Acupuncture for Prevention
– Acupuncture and Oriental medicine can help to prevent colds and flus by building up the immune system with just a few needles inserted into key points along the body’s energy pathways. These points are known for strengthening the circulation of blood and energy and for consolidating the outer defense layers of the skin and muscle (Wei Qi) so that germs and viruses cannot enter through them.

Acupuncture to Get Better Faster – If you’ve already happened to catch that cold, acupuncture and herbal medicine can also help with the chills, sniffles, sore throat or fever in a safe, non-toxic way that doesn’t bombard your body with harmful antibiotics.

Acupuncture does not interfere with Western medical treatment. On the contrary, it provides a welcome complement to it in most cases, and with its emphasis on treating the whole person, recovery time for illness is often shortened.

Herbal Medicine – There is a one thousand year old Chinese herbal formula that forms a handy complement to these immune-boosting treatments and it is elegantly entitled The Jade Windscreen Formula. It is made up of just three herbs: Radix Astragalus, Atractylodis Macrocephalae, and Radix Ledebouriellae. These three powerful herbs combine together to tonify the immune system and fortify the exterior of the body so that you can fight off wind-borne viruses and bacteria.

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