A Seminar With Lonny Jarrett: Treating Trauma With Chinese Medicine

“We may only be considered to be healed when the damaging events of life no longer limit self-expression and the manifestation of life’s purpose.”Lonny Jarrett, from “The Empty Vessel” magazine, Spring 2000.

In two months, I hope to attend Lonny Jarrett’s seminar ‘Treating Trauma with Chinese Medicine: Untying the Knot’. I’m excited that this class is being held in my hometown Evanston, Il., just north of Chicago and easy to reach for those of you who might want to come in from out of town. I have heard wonderful things about Lonny and his work for many years. Lisa Meyerson describes him as direct, compassionate and possessing a good sense of humor.

Lonny has been in the field since 1980 as a practitioner, teacher and author. He has written two books, ‘Nourishing Destiny: The Inner Tradition of Chinese Medicine’ and ‘Clinical Practice of Chinese Medicine’. The topic, trauma, is one that has not been addressed enough and certainly, we all see the results of trauma in our daily practices.

Dates and further details are below.

From shen ming seminars:

When: Saturday & Sunday 3/28 & 3/29/15

Location: Zen Shiatsu Chicago
825 Chicago Ave
Evanston, IL  60202

Contact: Lisa Meyerson – lisameyerson@gmail.com
Kathleen Barber – bacalarkk@yahoo.com

CEU: This class is approved for 14 Illinois CEU points and for 14 California points accepted by the NCCAOM.

Treating Trauma with Chinese Medicine: Untying the Knot

In this class I will discuss how to diagnose and treat trauma with Chinese medicine. We will consider the heart/kidney axis as the physiological foundation of stability and how to restore integrity to this most important relationship. I will emphasize the importance of the practitioner’s awareness of the dimension of self that is never wounded or traumatized as a gold standard in diagnosis and treatment. In this regard, the practitioner’s own integrity will be considered as the root of efficacy in treatment. The class will be rooted in an appreciation of the core dimensions and capacities of the self, including the mind, consciousness, spirit, ego, emptiness, soul, conscience, and the will.

~Diagnosing and treating shock to the heart and circulatory system on the pulse.
~How to diagnose and treat qi stagnation in the diaphragm.
~Testing for and Draining “Aggressive Energy” Xieqi.
~How to understand and treat “possession” in a contemporary context.
~Diagnose and treating the separation of yin and yang.
~The deeper functions of Acupuncture points: Source, lou, xi-cleft, and “spirit” points.
~Herbal formulas and point combinations for taking a person out of shock.
~The importance of the patient/practitioner relationship: Tong Shen Ming 通神命.

Professional: $350
Student: $275

Earlybird (ends 2/28):
Professional: $300
Student: $235

“No human resolution can make up for the loss created by injury.  The only real healing comes from rolling the two of right and wrong back into the one primordial Tao in which all opposites are harmonized.  Along these lines, the Tao te Ching advises us not to seek justice but rather to ‘repay injury with ‘te’ (virtue)’.”–Lonny Jarrett, in “The Empty Vessel” magazine, Spring 2000.

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