A Chinese Face Reading for Ex Governor Blagojevich

The art of face reading has been used in China since the days of Confucius. It has been utilized as an aid to diagnose conditions and understand a patientʼs personality. I learned about face reading in graduate school and from Dr. Tan. I thought you might enjoy some insights into famous personalities of the day.

Today we will look at our embattled ex Governor Blagojevich, who lives right here in Chicago. His most marked features are his eyes, lips and hair (I know everyone always talks about his hair).

The governorʼs upper lip is non-existent; it almost faces inward, a sign that he prefers to receive rather than to give. (The State’s Attorney already knows this)

His eyes are very small, usually indicating a lack of sociability, even holding back. His eyes are also very deep set which means an even greater level of holding back. Finally, Blagojevichʼs eyes are close together which shows a character who is detailed, nervous, sensitive, and who doesnʼt trust people easily.

His eyebrows indicate that he makes his decisions based more on emotion than reason and, because his brows are relatively thin, he probably doesnʼt see the big picture as well as he sees smaller details.

The Governorʼs famous hairline is unclear which shows him to be a person who has unfinished business with his parents, especially his mom.

On the positive side, his big earlobes denote a long life.

Be sure to check back as I plan to to analyze a few more popular figures in the future.

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