6 Easy Health Tips From Chinese Medicine

1. Have your water with no ice

“For digestion, our body needs the internal combustion of heat to transform the food and absorb the nutrients through our intestines. Ice, when ingested, becomes a coagulant and constricts our blood vessels and internal organs. The coldness of ice hinders the digestive process.” ~ Sat Hon

2. Drink ginger tea

Ginger has been taken as a medicinal by numerous cultures for thousands of years. This amazing spice is anti-inflammatory and has the ability to relieve many ailments. Including; headaches, nausea, menstrual cramps, morning sickness and much more.

3. Live in harmony with the seasons

Autumn is the time to start slowing down and preparing for winter. The Winter months can be valuable for rest and rejuvenation. Spring, is a time to become more active again, leave your winter hibernation and appreciate nature beginning to blossom. Summer, a time we all look forward to here in Chicago, is the time to expand and expend the most energy in your activities. Than the cycle starts again…

4. Drink Green tea

There has been much research on the anti-carcinogenic qualities of green tea. Studies of people in Asia who drink copious amounts of green tea daily show a correlation between green tea consumption and lower rates of a variety of cancers. Green tea is easy to find and can be purchased in most grocery stores and  health food stores. It is refreshing and can be drunk iced or hot. Green tea has a small amount of caffeine and can help anyone who is attempting to quit or cut back on coffee, caffeinated colas, or black tea.

5. Wear scarves around your neck and socks on your feet !

Keeping your feet warm is especially important for women during their menstrual cycle. Cold enters from the base of the neck and from bare feet on a cold floor. The advice of traditional Chinese medicine is: Any time you feel a breeze on the back of your neck, move away from it or cover up.

As the old saying goes, ‘Protect yourself from the wind as you would protect yourself from arrows.’ Respect the strength of your enemy, take cover, fortify your defenses and guard your flank. Among the four elements, wind and cold are the ones for which you should have the most respect.”
~ Kaibara Ekiken, 17th century Samurai & Acupuncturist (Yojokun: Life Lessons from a Samurai)

6. Get good sleep regularly.

Your body repairs best at night so allow plenty of time for it to do so. Good sleep patterns follow nature.  Morning is bright and the most Yang time of day, indicating activity. Night is the dark period, a time to slow down and enter the Yin phase of the day.


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