2 Things That I Love About Stephen Collins

2 things that i love about stephen collins 2 Things That I Love About Stephen Collins stephen collins 320x400

I never watched his long running hit show, “7th Heaven”, so it isn’t that. So, what about him piques my interest?

# 1: Stephen was in the first Star Trek movie, and you all know how I love most things Star Trek.  But here’s the best part

#2: Stephen Collins strongly endorses acupuncture and tweets about his love of receiving treatment. Here are a couple of his recent tweets below (his grammar, not mine).

3/31/11 “About to have #acupuncture, which I LOVE.”

4/7/11  “Just finished meditating. about to have #acupuncture, which I love.”

Thank you Stephen!! I bet the acupuncture keeps you ready in case you decide to climb back into that Star Trek Captain’s uniform.

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  1. Update ~ Why I love him even more….<br />He messaged me on twitter and retweeted this post to his fans! Thanks again Stephen!

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